Transak receives investment from Consensys and graduates from the Tachyon accelerator program.

Transak’s journey through the accelerator program

The Tachyon program was split into 3 phases: problem, traction, and storytelling. In the problem phase, we used evidence from customer conversations to narrow our focus. We had to make sure everything we were building was only to solve customer problems. This meant having some hard conversations and removing/postponing parts of our product and business plan. It also led to some exciting conversations where we narrowed in on a big customer pain point. Our customer conversations generated a set of requirements for the product we should build and distribute:

  • Applications using crypto need a way to accept fiat deposits and withdrawals from their end-users, also known as fiat on/off-ramp
  • These apps have a global audience so they need global coverage with localized payment methods
  • They want low fees
  • They want an easy integration without having to hack together multiple on-ramps for different regions
  • They want a good user experience for their end-users, with high conversion rates



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Global fiat on/off-ramp for apps and wallets. Try it at Integrate at